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Pre-contractual and contractual information in online contracts

Among the measures to highlight most significant contemplated by Law 3/2014 are those relating to the pre-contractual information to be supplied the entrepreneurs to consumers on distance contracts and contracts concluded away from business premises. Thus, the Act impose upon the entrepreneur the obligation to provide prior to the establishment of the contractual relationship relevant, accurate and sufficient information.

Finally of analyzing the necessary Pre-contractual information on procurement by electronic means, we must turn to the LSSI.

Celebrated verbal contract, the consumer is entitled to receive documentary confirmation of the contract within a reasonable time, as maximum at the time of delivery of goods or before the commencement of the provision of service, so the entrepreneur shall provide the consumer with a copy of the signed contract or confirmation of it also on paper or, if it is satisfied, on a durable medium different -email, fax, sms-. Otherwise, the contract may be canceled.

As regards unsolicited services, and therefore not hired, if the entrepreneur without consumer acceptance and recipient user the offer, providing the good or service offered, the receiving consumer is not obliged to refund or custody, nor any payment may be claimed.

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