claim&loyaltySociety is a firm that provides specialized legal services to both institutions, individuals and private companies, adapting to the needs of the legal issues, offering a quality service, under the principles of effectiveness, efficiency and professional excellence.

Claim&loyaltySociety adds maximum value to the providing of legal services

The specialty, personalized attention and knowledge of international, national and regional law are values ​​that characterize the performance of the firm and identified in the legal services market.

claim&loyaltySociety has committed since its inception by attracting and retaining talent, as well as continuing education through plans established for that purpose, in order to offer a high degree of commitment to the customer and engage its members in every legal problem both personal and business or institutional.

Claim&loyaltySociety is proud of its team and makes all its professionals to be part of the firm

In order to meet and approach each of their clients, claim&loyaltySociety offers a set of innovative facilities equipped with the latest technology, offering own headquarters in A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo, ensuring greater effectiveness, effectiveness and efficiency in providing services. Also, the firm has adapted to the constantly changing world of business and, in order to find the right business legal solutions, has signed various agreements with offices all over the country, by which currently has professional partners all scientific in order to offer comprehensive legal service institution, the company and the particular branches need at all times.

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