Administrative Law

The public administrations extension of powers and the constant regulation of all matters that involve citizens against the Administration make that administrative law and the jurisdictional control of the administration acquires more importance.

The administrative law regulates the relations between public administrations and citizens and between public administrations among themselves. Both terms, citizens and public administrations, must be understood broadly. Citizens includes either corporations, associations or foundations among others. Public administrations includes public companies, public foundations or other administrative bodies.

Claim&loyaltySociety is integrated by professionals specialized in any kind of licensing (building permit, first occupation or public roads occupation, among others), public procurement and administrative penalties (traffic, drug possession or public nuisance fines).

The defense of individuals and companies against the public administration requires high legal specialization, since it is the administration itself the one applying the administrative law and being part of the administrative litigation.

claim&loyaltySociety offers the best assistance in all subjects of administrative law, highlighting the following:

  • Public recruitment – open competitions

  • Contracts and administrative concessions. Public procurement

  • Advice, request of allowance and defendance of dependent adults, people with special needs and their relatives

  • Town planning and compulsory expropriations

  • Responsibility of public administrations and state compensations

  • Administrative penalties procedures

  • Law on foreign nationals (Aliens Law)

    • Residence and work permit:
      • Residence permits due to social rooting, work or family reasons
      • Residence permits
      • Modification of residence permits
      • Family reunification
      • Refusal of entry or stay to the national territory
    • European citizen
      • Aliens register inscription
      • Residence permit for relatives of European Union citizens
    • Expulsions and refusal of entry at the national borders
      • Legal assistance in police stations and court
      • Legal assistance in detention facilities for aliens
    • Legal advice and assistance in case of residence refusal, expulsions and refusal of entry for any reasons

  • Legal actions and remedies before the administrative or judicial bodies